What Is An EBT Card?

An Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) card is a magnetically encoded payment card that is provided by state welfare departments through which benefits are issued. In the United States, EBT cards provide two main benefits: food and cash. Food benefits are distributed through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), which is more commonly known as food stamps. However, while actual stamps or paper vouchers were used for years, the EBT program is more efficient and cost effective. Besides food benefits, EBT cards are also used for cash benefits, which include general state assistance as well as the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) benefits program. The TANF program provides cash benefits to needy people for a maximum of 60 months in one’s lifetime.

The EBT card itself operates in the same manner as any debit or credit card. A recipient has an EBT account in which benefits are made available. The recipient may use his or her EBT card to make purchases at participating retailers. Like a debit card, an EBT card should be swiped, and a PIN number must be used in order to make purchases. SNAP benefits can only be used to purchase food items that are authorized under the SNAP program. Cash benefits can be used to purchase any item at a participating retailer. You may also make a cash withdrawal from a participating ATM. When you use an EBT card to make a purchase, the cash register receipt will usually show your remaining balance. There is no fee for usage, but there are obvious limits to your benefits.

How Do I Get An EBT Card?

EBT cards are issued at the state level. With each state having its own set of rules and regulations regarding welfare programs, including SNAP and TANF, the process is slightly different. However, there are some general guidelines to follow if you’re interested in obtaining an EBT card. First, you must make sure you qualify. EBT cards are designed for low-income families who need cash or food assistance. In order to obtain one, you must go through the application process to first determine whether you’re eligible to receive these benefits. Every state has its own specific application, so you’ll need to locate your respective state’s in order to get started on obtaining an EBT card.

Generally speaking, you can begin by using the SNAP pre-screening eligibility tool. This determines whether you and/or your family meet the requirements to participate in the SNAP program. You should complete and submit an application for food stamp benefits at your local welfare office. Sometimes this application can be completed online, depending on your state.

Once your application is submitted you must wait for a letter to be mailed to you detailing a time and date for an interview. At your eligibility interview, you must provide supporting documentation that verifies your financial situation and residency. You will then have to wait for a determination letter regarding your application. Should you be approved, you will receive an EBT card in the mail to the address you provided. Please note, that some states will issue your EBT card when you attend your eligibility interview.

What Is A PIN?

A Personal Identification Number (PIN) is a unique number used to process transactions with your EBT card. Like any standard debit or credit card, an EBT card can only be used by entering the correct PIN. Whether you use an EBT card to purchase food products under the SNAP program or wish to withdraw cash from an ATM, you will need to use the correct PIN to complete the transaction. This PIN should be kept secret, as it is essentially a password between you and the EBT system.

You must call EBT Customer Service to select your PIN prior to using your card. There are a few important things to keep in mind regarding your PIN. First, never write it on your card or on anything you keep with your card. You could run the risk of someone finding out your PIN and accessing your benefits. Your benefits cannot be replaced should someone know your PIN and use your benefits. There are security procedures built in with your PIN. For example, you only have three attempts to enter your PIN. After a third unsuccessful try, you will not be able to use your card until the next day. Overall, treat your EBT PIN like you would for any other debit or credit card; keep it secure in order to protect your benefits.

How Do I Get My Pin?

Depending on your state’s procedures, establishing a PIN may be different. Typically, you will receive your EBT card in the mail. A few days later, you will receive an envelope with your unique PIN. In some states, you must call the EBT Customer Service line to set up your PIN. It is important to memorize your PIN, but remember to not have it written on the actual card for security purposes.

Should you lose your PIN or want to change it, most states allow you to do so by calling the EBT Customer Service line. You will need to provide your 19-digit card number. You can then select a different PIN. This is especially important if your EBT card is lost, or if someone discovers your PIN. Changing it will ensure that your benefits cannot be accessed with the old PIN.

How do I Check My EBT Card Balance?

The easiest way to check your EBT card balance is online. The Food and Nutrition Service website provides this list of states that have online account access. Qualifying states have particular websites where you can sign up to be able to access your EBT balance and transaction history online. Once you find your state’s link, click on it to get started with opening an online account. Some states don’t require you to register. Instead, you just provide your Social Security Number and/or EBT card number.

Once you enter the required information and click submit, you should be taken to a page that displays your account balance and other information. This information is typically available under “Account Summary.” There, you can see your food stamp balance, as well as all account activity. You may also call EBT Customer Service to find out your account balance. However, the online method is the most widely used method and is quicker and easier.

Where Can I Use My EBT Card?

There are some general guidelines when it comes to where you can use your EBT card. Generally speaking, you can use your EBT card at any grocery store. Most grocery stores accept EBT cards, as EBT cards are often used for SNAP benefits (food stamps). The rules differ by state, but some local food stores and general stores in your area may accept EBT cards. Most establishments will have a sign posted on the door or near the checkout counter that states if they accept EBT benefits.

You can also use your EBT card to make a cash withdrawal from an ATM. Like any debit card, you’ll need to enter your PIN to process the transaction. You can only use an EBT card at an ATM if you receive cash benefits. If you only receive food stamp benefits, you cannot use an EBT card at an ATM. Participating locations will vary by state, but generally speaking the two most prominent places you can use an EBT card are at grocery stores or at an ATM if you have cash benefits. Check with local businesses in your area to see if they participate in the program.

Reporting Lost / Stolen EBT Cards

Like any debit or credit card, an EBT card is a valuable asset. Should your EBT card be lost or stolen, you’ll want to report it immediately to the issuing agency. Because your benefits can be used and are irreplaceable, it’s important to report the incident as soon as possible. Calling the EBT Customer Service line to report a lost or stolen card is imperative since the service representative can stop the use of the card immediately. In doing so, you can protect your benefits.

Once you report the card as lost or stolen to EBT Customer Service, you can proceed with obtaining a replacement. It typically takes five to seven days to receive a new card in the mail. In the meantime, you usually can visit the issuing agency office to get access to paper checks for benefits. Remember, any benefits that are stolen or used cannot be replaced. Your old PIN is transferred to the new card, though you can set up a new PIN if you want to provide an extra layer of security and comfort.


1. How long does it take to receive a replacement EBT card should mine be lost or stolen? 

It takes between five and seven days to receive a replacement EBT card in the mail.

2. Are there fees for using my EBT card for cash withdrawals? 

Depending on your state, fees may vary. Certain banks will charge a few dollars per ATM cash withdrawal. For example, in Los Angeles County in California, your first four cash withdrawals are free. Subsequent withdrawals cost 80 cents each.

3. What can I purchase with an EBT card? 

This depends on what type of benefits you have. SNAP benefits can only be used to purchase food items. Cash benefits can be used more widely, and you can also withdraw cash from an ATM using your EBT card.

4. What are some of the advantages of an EBT card?

The cost of using an EBT card instead of paper food stamps is much lower. States are able to save money on the costs of printing, storing and shipping physical paper stamps. In addition, EBT cards reduce the incidence of fraud and benefit abuse because of the PIN system. Finally, EBT also allows the government to keep a better track of how the benefits are being distributed and used.

5. Are there fees for using my EBT card to make purchases with SNAP benefits? 

No. EBT cards are free to use when using your SNAP benefits. Just remember, you can only use your EBT card on eligible food items.

Can I Use My EBT Card In Other States?

Because all 50 states, as well as the District of Columbia, Guam and the U.S. Virgin Islands, participate in the SNAP program, you can use your EBT card in any state. This means that any EBT card can be used in any authorized store regardless of the state in which it was issued. The card will not work in Puerto Rico, as it operates under the Nutrition Assistance Program, not SNAP.

It is important to note that you can use your EBT card in another state, but you cannot continue receiving benefits from your old state if you move. You will then have to apply for benefits from your new state of residence. Generally speaking, it’s fine to use your EBT card when visiting another state. You can use the USDA’s SNAP Retail Locator to find participating stores in which you can use your EBT card. You can also call EBT Customer Service for more information about using your EBT card in other states.

When Do My Benefits Become Available On My EBT Card?

Once you’re certified to receive SNAP benefits, your benefits should be available in your EBT account within 30 days from the date of your application. Some people qualify for expedited benefits due to their financial situation, and those benefits should be available within seven days. Your caseworker can provide more details about the exact date of availability.

Once you’ve received your first allotment of benefits, SNAP benefits are distributed on a monthly basis. They will become available at the same time every month based on the SNAP Monthly Benefit Issuance Schedule.  Each state’s issuance schedule is different, but it depends on the last digit of your case number. There is a different schedule for SNAP and cash benefits, so it is important to check the Issuance Schedule to determine when your benefits will be distributed. Depending on the state, the benefits may be issued based on the last digit of your Social Security Number. Overall, the benefits will be deposited in your EBT account on the same day every month according to the schedule.