Food Stamps Benefit Appeal

There are several scenarios in which you may file an appeal for food stamp benefits. These include the following:

  • Your application for food stamps was denied.
  • Your benefits have been discontinued.
  • Your benefits have been reduced.
  • Your benefits are less than what they should be.

Although the SNAP program is administered by the states, there are federal rules in regards to the appeal process. You have 90 days from the date you were notified to file an appeal, though it’s just ten if you are appealing a reduction of benefits. Typically, you must file the appeal with your state Department of Social Services. The office will need the name the food stamp request was filed under, an address, phone number, case number, date, a statement the paperwork is for a food stamp appeal and an explanation why the appeal is being filed.

Once your appeal is filed, you will eventually attend a meeting required by the state. You can explain the situation and provide proof that food stamps are necessary, if that is the issue. It’s important to bring documentation that will support your case, including pay stubs, monthly expense sheets and utility bills. Of course, the appeal process is anything but a guarantee, but it’s important to exercise your right of appeal should you encounter any of the issues outlined above when it comes to food stamp benefits.