Montana Food Stamps

In Montana, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is administered by the Human & Community Services Division of the Public Health and Human Services Department. The program is designed to provide food assistance to low-income households and people in order to meet their basic nutritional needs. In order to receive food stamp benefits, you must make sure you’re eligible. All household members must be U.S. citizens or legal aliens and must have or have applied for a Social Security Number. In addition, there are resource and income limits that must be met. Also, able-bodied household members ages 16-59 must register for work.

The next step in receiving food stamp benefits is applying. The easiest way is to apply online. Simply log on to their website to get started. You can also request to have an application sent to you by your local Office of Public Assistance. Once the application is submitted, you will have to go through an interview to ensure your qualifications are correct. If you are approved for SNAP benefits, you will be issued a Montana Access Card. This EBT card eliminates the use of paper food stamp coupons. You use your Montana Access Card just like any other debit card. Simply swipe at the register and enter your four-digit PIN to make purchases.


1. What should I do if my Montana Access Card is lost or stolen?

If your Montana Access Card is lost or stolen, call the help desk hotline at 1-866-850-1556 to cancel the card. You can then have a new one issued.

2. Where can I find a breakdown of SNAP income limits?

An extensive breakdown of SNAP income limits from Oct. 2013 through Sept. 2014 is available at online.

3. How can I check my Montana Access Card balance?

To check your account balance, simply log on to  and enter your 16-digit card number to access your card balance and transaction history.

4. When are my SNAP benefits made available?

Your SNAP benefits are made available at the same time each month. A full breakdown of dates is available online.

5. Are there items that I cannot buy with SNAP benefits?

Yes. Federal law prohibits you from buying alcohol, tobacco, household items, vitamins and medicines, pet food and hot foods with food stamp benefits.

Contact: Montana Food Stamps.