Arizona Food Stamps 

In Arizona, the Department of Economic Security handles the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). It aims to improve the diets and health of those who are unable to afford proper nutritious food. With Nutrition Assistance benefits, participants can buy infant formula, food products, vegetable seeds and other health foods. The U.S. Department of Agriculture establishes the federal guidelines for eligibility, so they do not differ from anywhere else.

To apply for Nutrition Assistance benefits, you fill out the same application used to apply for Cash Assistance and AHCCCS Health Insurance in the state of Arizona. After gathering the required personal and income information, you can apply online at If you do not wish to apply online, you can download the application and submit by fax, mail or in person to your local Family Assistance Administration office. You use the same application when renewing your benefits.

After submitting your application, you will be contacted for an eligibility interview. Following that interview, should you be approved, you will receive a QUEST EBT card in the mail. The card, which works like any debit card, can be used at most local grocery stores and QUEST-eligible stores. In Arizona, the EBT QUEST card is issued by JPMorganChase.


1. How do I report a lost or stolen EBT card?

Should your EBT card be lost or stolen, call JP Morgan Customer Service at 1-888-997-9333, or contact the DES Office Locator.

2. How long does it take to receive benefits?

A decision will be made within seven days if you qualify for expedited benefits. For all other applicants, a decision will be made within 30 days from the application date.

3. Is there an appeal process if my application is denied?

Yes. You can file an appeal, commonly known as a Fair Hearing, should your application be denied. You must request a Fair Hearing within 30 days of the mailing date of the decision notice. For more information, click here.

4. Can I buy or sell SNAP benefits?

No. It is a federal crime to buy, sell or misuse SNAP benefits.

5. What do I do if my information or situation has changed?

You must contact your caseworker should your information change. This could be a change in income or a change in address.

Contact: Arizona Food Stamp Website.