Alaska Food Stamps

The Alaska Food Stamp Program is administered through the Department of Health and Social Services’ Division of Public Assistance. The program provides food benefits to low-income households. The state pays for half the costs of operating the program. Food stamp benefits are issued via the Alaska Quest card. The amount of benefits depend on a household’s size and countable income, and eligible applicants must pass income and asset tests. The gross monthly income test is based on 130 percent of the current Alaska poverty line. The state of Alaska has special rules that allow for higher benefits in rural areas, and those benefits can be used to purchase certain hunting and fishing subsistence supplies.


Besides basic residency requirements, you must also meet several other factors. Most able-bodies people between the ages of 16 and 59 must register for work. Most college students must be working half-time, enrolled in work-study, care for young dependents or receive Temporary Assistance. In Alaska, the asset limit is $2,000 for most households and $3,250 for households containing a member 60 years or older or a disabled person. More information on income limits is available online here.


To apply for food stamp benefits in Alaska, you must download, print and fill out the state’s application. You must mail it or bring it into your local Public Assistance office. You may also elect to apply online by visiting Food stamp benefits are distributed through the Alaska Quest card. The state contracts with JPMorgan Electronic Financial Services to provide Quest card accounts. Participants may go online to check their account activity and balance. The Quest card is used like any debit card; simply swipe and enter your PIN at the register to make food purchases.




1. How can I report a lost, stolen or damaged Quest card?


To report a lost, stolen or damaged card, call the Quest Card Customer Service line at 1-888-997-8111.


2. How can I find which stores accept the Alaska Quest card?


Visit to find stores in Alaska that accept the Quest card.


3. Are there maximum benefit levels?


Yes. There are benefit levels based on household size and location. For a detailed breakdown of the benefit levels, visit their website online here.