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Eligibility Requirements for Food Stamps in Alabama

 In order to be considered eligible for Food Stamps in Alabama, applicants must meet a few requirements set by the state. This is the same food stamp application process all across the United States. The difference is that each state has its own specific criteria. In terms of the general qualifications, the Alabama Department of Human Resources focused on three main factors when deciding on eligibility requirements for AL food stamps:

  • Household 

  • Income

  • Residency

As long as you and your spouse and/or children meet the above Food Stamps requirements, you will be able to receive the benefits of the government food assistance program (SNAP).

Food Stamps Requirements for Residency in Alabama

As long as you have established residency in the state of Alabama, the Department of Human Resources will accept your application, allowing you to focus on the income requirements. Note that citizenship is not mentioned as a requirement for Food Stamps eligibility in Alabama. This is because both US citizens and legal permanent residents with green cards can receive the benefits of the Food Stamps program, although legal immigrants are typically required to wait at least five years to be eligible for benefits. In any case, there are certain instances in which legal immigrants can receive immediate food assistance.

Early Non-Citizen Eligibility for Food Stamps in Alabama

If you have a child under the age of 18, he or she does not have to wait to receive food assistance in Alabama. The same exception applies to certain disabled Alabama residents, refugees, asylees and Alabamans who are 60 or older. Additionally, certain permanent residents who do not qualify for immediate assistance can receive SNAP early if they have established sufficient work history or have a connection to the military.

Food Stamps Requirements for Income in Alabama

In addition to being a resident in the state of Alabama, the Department of Human Resources requires all applicants to meet income qualifications in order to determine eligibility for Food Stamps. The good news is that the income requirements vary based on the size of a given household, allowing larger households to make more money and still be eligible for Food Stamps in Alabama.

If you want to receive the benefits of food assistance through the AL Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), make sure that your household size meets one of the following maximum annual income levels (before taxes):

  • Household size of one: $15,301

  • Household size of two: $20,709

  • Household size of three: $26,117

  • Household size of four: $31,525

  • Household size of five: $36,933

  • Household size of six: $42,341

  • Household size of seven: $47,749

  • Household size of eight: $53,157

Take the time to go through your finances and see if you meet the income requirements for Food Stamps. If your family and you do qualify, based on the income and household chart above, you can begin the process of applying for food stamp benefits. The Alabama Department of Human Resources allows their residents to apply online, in person, by mail and by fax. After submitting a completed form, eligible applicants must meet with a government worker for a SNAP interview.

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