Food Stamps in Wisconsin

In Wisconsin the Food Stamp program is referred to as FoodShare and is operated by the state Department of Health Services. FoodShare offers low-income people the financial assistance needed to be able to buy food. Thousands of Wisconsin residents are helped every year through this program.

To qualify for FoodShare, residents must show that they meet the resident and income requirements outlined by the program. Low-income residents must show that they make no more than two thousand dollars per month and that they are legal residents of the United States and Wisconsin.

Those wishing to apply for the FoodShare benefits can apply online through the Wisconsin government website. Before beginning the application it is important to have all of the necessary information. Applicants will need their basic personal information and their social security number to be able to submit the forms. They also need to provide the names and social security numbers of all of the other people living in their homes. Once an application is submitted, an interview is scheduled where the individual meets in person with an office representative.