Food Stamps in Washington

The Department of Social and Health Services in the state of Washington offers food stamps to people in low income brackets through the Washington Basic Food Program. This funding helps thousands of individuals and their families to be able to eat nutritious foods. Without this program many Washington residents would go hungry. To be able to receive this funding, an individual must meet the necessary eligibility requirements of the program which includes being an American citizen and a resident of the state of Washington.

To apply for the benefits it is necessary to complete a form and submit it to the Department of Social and Health Services. This can be done online, by fax, by mail or in person. Applicants must provide their personal contact information, their social security number, the amount of money they earn, and the names of the people living in their household. Applicants must earn less than two thousand dollars per month. An office representative informs applicants of their approval and schedules an interview for those who qualify for the benefits.