Food Stamps in Utah

In Utah, the Department of Workforce Services oversees the Utah Food Stamp program. Residents of Utah who do not have the financial support to pay for food, are provided with the necessary assistance to be able to get the grocery items they need to stay healthy and, in some cases, survive. These benefits enable families to get nutritional food products at the same time as they pay for the other monthly bills that they have.

Potential applicants can call the local office to determine whether or not they are eligible for the Food Stamp program. If they have access to a computer they can also utilize the online screening tool provided on the Utah government website. By completing the online form, applicants will be able to know in a short period of time whether they meet the necessary requirements for receiving funding.
The application form asks for contact information about yourself and all of the people who live in your house, your social security number, the amount you earn monthly, and the value of the assets that you own.