Food Stamps in Tennessee

Tennesseans may apply for the Tennessee Food Stamp Program at their local Department of Human Services county office. Applicants may also apply online to check for possible eligibility. After the online application is submitted, the applicant will receive an appointment for an interview.

In order to determine eligibility for the program, DHS caseworkers may ask for documentation such as:

-Birth certificates
-Social Security cards
-Check stubs
-Bank statements
-Utility bills
-Rent receipts
-Tax returns
-Insurance policies

Applicants are contacted by mail within 45 days of the application date concerning their status.


-Applicants must be living in the State of Tennessee to receive food stamps from Tennessee.
-There are no specific age limits
-Applicants must be a US citizen or a qualified alien
-An applicant must be able-bodied individuals between 16 and 59, must register for work, and participate in the Employment & Training Program if offered, including accepting offers of employment and cannot quite a job.

In addition, people without dependents aged 18 to 59 can receive only a limited amount of benefits in 3 years, unless working 80 hours per month or else deemed exempt from the rule.