Food Stamps in South Dakota

The South Dakota Food Stamp Program, or, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, SNAP, assists low-income South Dakotans with purchasing food they need to remain healthy while they work to rebuild financial independence. SNAP benefits are supplied to supplement the recipient’s food budget. The amount of benefit’s a household receives is dependent upon its size, income, and allowable expenses.

SNAP operates under the requirements of the US Department of Agriculture. SNAP recipients are given a plastic South Dakota EBT Card, much the same as a debit card. Using the card is simple and removes loss or theft of SNAP benefits.

Benefit Determination

If eligible, the amount of benefits received is decided by household size and adjusted gross income after the following deductions:

-standard deduction
-20% earned income deduction
-deduction for dependent care
-limited deduction for medical expenses for elderly or individuals who are disabled
-limited deduction for excess shelter care expenses

Employment and Training Program

The SNAP Employment and Training program requires applicants who are able to register for work to cooperate in looking for and keeping employment. In specific counties, applicants are required to participate in this program. For further information, check the South Dakota SNAP website.