Food stamps in Ohio

The Food Stamp program in the state of Ohio is run by the Office of Families and Children. Ohio residents who are experiencing financial difficulties can apply for funding to help them pay for food for their households. The Office also offers guidance on the effective nutrition practices to recipients of food stamps to help them to make the best food choices possible for themselves and their family members.

You can begin the application process by visiting the Ohio government website. Your online submission will enable you to request an opportunity to attend an interview with an office representative. At your scheduled meeting you will need to bring photo identification, your social security number, evidence of your income and the number of people living with you. Whether you are approved for funding will depend on the amount of money you earn. Applicants with assets with a value of more than two thousand dollars will not be approved for funding. If you receive approval, you will receive an EBT card in the mail which will allow you to purchase food items.