Food Stamps in North Carolina

In North Carolina, SNAP food stamps are available to the elderly, disabled, those who work part time or receive public assistance or required benefits. Applicants are evaluated based upon income and household resources, such as vehicles and transportation, bank accounts and other amenities. Social Security is not considered to be one of these resources. An applicant must travel to a local SNAP office, or Social Security office, and fill out the form provided by the local agency. Afterwards, the applicant must commit to a face to face interview, and then provide proof to certify eligibility.

If you are physically unable to attend the interview, by law you may send a representative to take your place. This person must have signed verification that they may represent you. When attending your interview, there is information you should bring with you. If you are employed, make sure to bring the last four pay stubs of your labor from the last month, or signed verification of your employment and pay. If unemployed, be sure to bring your proof of termination, as well as documents of any unemployment benefits you may receive, as well as an identification card.