Food Stamps in New York

The Office of Temporary Disability Assistance oversees the New York state food stamps program. The program distributes funds on a monthly basis to low income individuals who are eligible to receive assistance. The plan provides the funding needed to purchase nutritious food items. There are however some items that cannot be purchased through the program including immediate consumption products, tobacco and alcohol. The amount of aid provided is determined by the income and size of the household making the application. In general, applicants must be earning less than two thousand dollars and be living with at least one other person. There are several ways of applying for assistance in New York. Applicants can submit their forms online, through the mail, over a fax or in person.

If you meet the eligibility requirements and are approved for funding, you will be sent an EBT card through the mail. You will then use the EBT card to make your food purchases at your local grocery store. You will not be able to purchase paper items, pet food, tobacco products or alcohol with your card. Your monthly amount will be deposited onto the card through an automated process.