Food Stamps in New Mexico

The New Mexico Food Stamp program is also called the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or SNAP. This plan provides people in low income brackets with the money they need to buy groceries. The requirements of the program are set by the federal government and the Human Services Department can help you through the process.

In order to apply for Food Stamp benefits you will need to have photo identification, be a citizen of the United States and be a law abiding resident of the state of New Mexico. When completing your application, you will also have to provide the number of people who are currently living in your household with you. Finally you will have to show that you meet the assets and income requirements for receiving the benefits.

Once you are approved, a representative will schedule an interview for you. At that time you will need to bring in your documents. You will receive an electronic benefits card which will hold your benefits. Your monthly amount will be deposited to it as well. You will be able to use the card to purchase your groceries at any food store.