Food Stamps in New Jersey

The New Jersey Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program strives to give low income people affordable, nutritious foods. There are many households who have run into financial difficulty due to the state of the economy. In order to receive assistance, individuals must prove that they meet the eligibility requirements of the program. Once approved, recipients receive an EBT Card which they use to make their food purchases.

The card works much like a debit card. Monthly amounts are added to the card every four weeks. Individuals wishing to apply for assistance can do so on the New Jersey government website. Some basic information will need to be submitted on the application form including your birth date, your social security number and the number of people who are living with you in your home. An interview will be held once you have been determined to be eligible for assistance. You will need to bring photo identification with you. If you want to determine whether or not you meet the requirements for assistance, you can use the calculator tool on the website.