Food Stamps in Mississippi

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Food Stamp Program in Mississippi is overseen by the Department of Human Services through the Division of Economic Assistance. SNAP offers financial benefits to qualifying residents who experience financial difficulty and are unable to afford food. With assistance from SNAP, families are able to purchase more groceries than they can typically afford on their low incomes. There are several requirements that must be met in order to receive these benefits. The program also limits the types of items that can be purchased with the SNAP funds.

Any resident can apply for SNAP benefits but only eligible applicants will be approved. You might want to call your local office to discuss your application with a representative or to get help in completing the necessary forms. Once an application form has been submitted, an interview is scheduled. At the interview the individual will need to provide photo identification, a social insurance number, bank information, proof of residency and household members. Applicants who qualify for the benefits are able to access the funds through a Mississippi electronic bank transfer card.