Food Stamps in Michigan

Food stamps enable families and individuals with low incomes to buy nutritious food. The state of Michigan Food Assistance Program is run through the Department of Human Services. If you are approved to receive FAP funding, you will be sent an EBT card which you will be able to use at any food store that accepts food stamps. Your approval for FAP benefits will be based on your income and the number of people residing with you in your home. There are some products that you will not be permitted to purchase with your EBT card including alcohol, tobacco and immediate consumption food products.

To apply for the Food Assistance Program you will have to create an account with the Department of Human Services. You can complete your application online and will need to gather some personal information before you begin the process. In order to apply you must show that you are a citizen of the United States and that you reside in the state of Michigan. Once your application has been approved, the DHS will contact you to see whether there is any other assistance for which you are eligible.