Food Stamps in Kansas

The Kansas Food Stamp Program, or Food Assistance Program, is a nutrition assistance program that supplies a Vision card, a plastic debit card for eligible persons to buy food.

How does the Kansas Food Stamp Program Work?

Monthly benefits are advanced onto a Vision card. When food is purchased, the cost is electronically subtracted for the person’s Vision card account. Vision cards can also be used at selected farmer’s markets in Kansas to purchase fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables.

Who may be Eligible For Food Stamps in Kansas?

-Persons who work but have a low-income and the unemployed
-Persons who live together and buy food together. Household members do not have to be related to be considered part of the household
-Persons age 60 and older
-Persons with disabilities and already receiving certain payments such as SSI, veteran’s disability payments, permanent disability etc, may be eligible
-Any single person, household or group of individuals who live and eat together whose income and resources are minimal, and who meet specific fundamental program requirements can qualify

For further information go to the Kansas Food Stamp Program website for up-to-date information about eligibility requirements.