Food Stamps in Iowa

The Iowa Department of Human Services maintains the Iowa Food Stamp Program. The program provides EBT, Electronic Benefit Transfers, to permit low-income people and families to purchase groceries at various supermarkets and food stores around the state. The program is created to assist individuals who are in need of better nutrition but cannot afford it.

The Iowa Food Assistance Program permits anyone to apply but only some applicants will be eligible. Applicants are accepted if they:

-meet particular income guideline
-are a citizen of the US or legal immigrant
-live in Iowa

For that reason, you must prove your identity, income, and residency in Iowa to receive food stamps.

Applying for Food Stamps

You can apply for food stamps online via the website. This is an online portal, which will ask you to register and fill out specific criteria about yourself, such as your name, SS#, income and assets. Fill out each part of the application precisely and honestly. You will also be asked to prove specific areas, such as household size and income. After your application has been processed, a representative from Iowa Department of Human Services will contact you about your income and household.