Food Stamps in Georgia

SNAP is the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program still referred to as the Georgia Food Stamp Program. Various periods of eligibility from three to six months are given to cases based on who is in the household.

How long does it take to Receive Benefits after Approval?

-At enrollment, if you have never had a case, it takes from five to seven days to receive an EBT card.
-At review, unless your case is no longer active, you will receive benefits on your usual issuance cycle within two days
-Benefits can be quickened if you have less than $150 in monthly gross countable income and liquid resources less than $100 (or) you are an impoverished migrant or seasonal farm worker whose liquid resources are not more than $100. Only migrant or seasonal farm workers may be considered impoverished.

Special rules apply to the treatment of income, deductions, and resources for impoverished migrant or non-migrant seasonal farm workers for an entitlement to the quickened application process. If not expedited, it takes a Food Stamp application up to 30 days to be completed.

You can check for more information at concerning the Georgia Food Stamp Program.