Food Stamps in Connecticut

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program SNAP, formerly called the Connecticut Food Stamp Program, is a nutrition program that assists low-income people and families to buy food. SNAP also supplies education concerning nutrition to assist recipients select foods that improve their health and well-being.

Income Limits

To receive SNAP benefits in Connecticut, household earnings and other resources must be below a certain amount and are reviewed. For some homes, there is also an asset limit. The income averages for SNAP are based on the FPL, Federal Poverty Levels. There are gross and net income limits.

-The gross income limit is equivalent to 185% of the present FPL and is the amount of income the household has prior to taxes and deductions.

-The gross income limit does not apply to households in which a minimum of one person is 60 years old or older, or receives disability income. However, all households are subject to a monthly income restriction. The net income limit is equal to the present Federal Poverty Level and is the amount left over after specific deductions are permitted.

Check with your Connecticut SNAP website for further information.