Food Stamps in Colorado

Most low-income households are eligible to receive food assistance from the Colorado Food Stamp Program, or Food Assistance Program. Any individuals who apply for food assistance in Colorado and do not meet federal exemption criteria must register for work, accept an offer of suitable employment, and register with the Employment First Program.

Activities in the Employment First program include:

-adult basic education
-GED preparation
-vocational training
-vocational rehabilitation
-job search classes
-part-time work

Rules and List of Verifications Required for the Colorado Food Stamp Interview

-The identity of the person applying must be established. Identity may be verified with a number of documents such as drivers’ license, voter registration card, and birth certificate to name a few.

-U.S. Citizens and most non-citizens are eligible for food stamps. Though some members of the home are not eligible, others may be eligible in the same home.

-All household members must provide a SS#

-Food Assistance Program rules uses all types of income to determine eligibility. However, households where all members are receiving public assistance or SSI are exempt from meeting income eligibility tests.

For further information check with the Colorado Food Assistance Program website.