Food Stamps in California

The California food stamp program, known as the CalFresh Program and federally recognized as SNAP, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, issues monthly benefits electronically that can be used for food at the majority of supermarkets and other food stores.

Application Process for Food Stamps known as Cal-Fresh

In California, counties may have their own means for you to apply for CalFresh benefits. You can apply in your county, or online at the E-Benefits California website. In addition, you are permitted to mail or deliver your application to your resident county office.

-One adult member of the household or approved representative must sign the application
-Your name, address, and signature is mandatory on the application for it to be accepted by the CalFresh office
-Applications are accepted on the same day, with or without an interview
-After your application is received, the county welfare office will arrange an interview, you will be required to bring certain documents such as identification, SSN number, gross income, immigration status, and utility and medical expenses.

As soon as the proper information is submitted and confirmed for eligibility, you will receive your CalFresh benefits within 30 days. Additionally, you may qualify for rush service and receive your benefits within three days if you qualify.