Food Stamps in Arizona

The Arizona Food Stamps Program or Nutrition Assistance (NA) requires a qualification interview to decide eligibility. You will be required to bring several documents to the interview. When your interview has been completed, you will be contacted if any additional information is needed to decide your case. Applicants can mail, fax, or bring in “copies” of any additional information requested.

Even if an applicant is unsure of eligibility, they are encouraged to apply. If you are approved for benefits, there are continued eligibility requirements such as participation in the SNA E&T, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Employment & Training Program.

How do you know when you are approved?

-Within seven days from your application date if you qualify for expedited benefits
-At least 30 days from your application date in other circumstances

To be sure you receive all the benefits you need you should:

-Give all information and proof as quickly as possible
-Ask if you need assistance retrieving information

When your case is decided, the results will be mailed to you; however, you can also check the status of your application online at My Family Benefits via the Arizona Food Stamp Program website.