Food Stamps in Alaska

The Alaska Food Stamps Program issues benefits through the Alaska Quest card. The sum a household receives every month depends on the household’s estimable income and amount of people in the household. Qualified applicants must pass assets and income examinations.

The gross monthly earnings are based on 130% of the existing Alaska poverty average. In addition, Alaska has specific rules that permit for higher food stamp benefits in rural locals, and the use of benefits to buy particular hunting and fishing survival supplies.

Requirements for Eligibility

-Applicants must reside in the state of Alaska in order to receive food stamp benefits from Alaska
-There are no specific age limits to receive Alaskan food stamp benefits.
-Parents and children 21 years and under living together are considered a single household
-Applicants must be a US citizens or qualified alien
-Able bodied individuals between 16 and 59 must register for employment and participate in the Employment and Training Program, accept offers, and cannot quit a job
-The asset restriction is $2,000 for the majority of households and $3,250 for homes with a member disabled or 60 years and older

For continued up-to-date information check with your Alaska Food Stamp Program website.