Food Stamps in Alabama

The Alabama Food Stamp Program is under Alabama’s Department of Human Resources, which takes care of all food stamp services with SNAP, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. The eligibility regulations are decided by the United States Department of Agriculture, USDA, Food and Nutrition Service.

Applying for Food Stamps in Alabama

There are a number of ways to apply for food stamps in Alabama.

-You can use a fax machine, postage mail, or bring your application into a county department human resource office
-You can print an application online
-You can also apply for food stamps through an online platform through

However, in order to apply online, you must register an account first. After you complete your application, your finished application is sent to the Department of Human Resources office in the county where you live.

Receiving Food Stamps

Once your application is completed, it must be processed; nonetheless, you should be aware of the eligibility requirements and understand that you may not be eligible for food stamp benefits. Eligibility is decided by income and household size. In addition, you may be contacted by a representative at SNAP to further access your qualifications.